MOMPSO is the first supply store and onlineeshop with horse riding equipment in Athens, Greece. The rider can choose from a very large range of online horse supplies and equestrian apparel. Complete equestrian apparel, footwear, protection and horse riding equipment. Special MOMPSO gear for children. The MOMPSO eshop offers a wide selection of online horse supplies such as saddles, care products, stirrups, breast collars, bits, girths, halters, saddle blankets, bridles, insect repellents, cleaning tools, shoeing equipment, dietary supplements, and products for mane, tail and coat as well as horse riding products for kids. The rider can choose from a wide range of products such as clothes, footwear, gloves, helmets, body protectors, whips and equipment care. With a very friendly e-shop browsing environment, you can easily make your orders for the horse riding equipment you need.

Horse Riding Equipment & Supplies

MOMPSO in addition to the largest electronic Brand in Greece which provides with horse riding equipment and online horse supplies, represents and distributes well-known Brands in the field of horse riding such as Acavallo gel pads, Airowear body protectors, Casco helmets, Compositi stirrups, Effax skin treatment, Effol horse caring products, Ked helmets Kylin helmets, Marstall dietary supplements, Roeckl protection gloves.

Since 2011, MOMPSO has been developing innovative design, new applications of modern materials, trends, colors, experimental products that are rapidly becoming classic. With a continuous presence of 6 years in the field of horse riding, MOMPSO evolves with new products, innovative materials, introduces new ideas to the market with modern design and emphasis on particular color options. Horse riding equipment design is based on your own needs with emphasis on comfort and safety.

Since 2011 we have created the first Greek horse riding brand. At MOMPSO we hear your every suggestion and idea to create products based on your needs, aesthetics, and security that you need in order for you to enjoy the relationship with your horse at all times. Whenever a MOMPSO product is selected we will have checked every point on it before it reaches your hands and of course the MOMPSO care guarantee will directly insure you from any problem.

MOMPSO supports the efforts of young athletes to develop the sport they represent and offers the necessary equipment and technical support for races and events throughout the Greek region. Designing and choosing the right materials for MOMPSO horse riding equipment is a prerequisite and a goal for creating unique products. Variety of MOMPSO horse-riding products for every riding level, sport and pleasure riding.

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