Complete Kit

At Mompso we want to provide you with the best option you can get when it comes to buying horse saddles.

Saddles with Complete kit

Υou can find horse and pony saddles for every type of rider and for every type of horse.

On our e-shop you can find a wide variety of all-purpose saddles, show-jumping saddles, dressage saddles, and pleasure riding saddles, close-contact saddles, synthetic race saddles, western saddles, treeless saddles and many more. We can also provide you with special type saddles. Special type saddles are designed for specific horse riding disciplines and specific needs that a rider may have. For example specially designed endurance saddles. Mompso can provide you with the best special type saddle on the market at an excellent price. You can choose one from a variety of special type saddles from the online catalogue, or come visit our shop which is located in Athens, Greece.

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