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Saddle bags for horse riding are definitely essential when it comes to trail riding sessions.

Saddle Side Bags

Horse saddle bags help you pack everything that is necessary for you when you go out for long walks or excursions with your beloved horse.

At Mompso we can provide you with the best quality horse saddle bags that are available on the market. If you’re heading out for camping, horse saddle bags will surely come in handy. Feel free to browse our online e-shop and discover our wide range of horse saddle bags for horse riding. Different styles to choose from such as western style leather or modern synthetic material. Buy the horse saddle bag that will be most helpful during your trips. Pick whichever is best for your style of riding and place your order online, or come visit our store. We are located in Athens Greece.

Seat Shavers

At Mompso we have what you need when it comes to saddle seat savers. Whether you’re practicing or heading out for trail riding a saddle seat saver will surely prove useful when it comes to comfort. Browse our e-shop and discover different types of saddle seat savers such as gel seat savers. We surely have what’s best for you and your horse. You can pick the gel seat saver that’s best suited for you and place your order online or pay us a visit. We are located in the center of Athens, Greece.

A saddle seat saver can provide the rider great security and comfort. Gel seat savers are a great way to make your ride an even more comfortable experience.

Saddle Racks

Saddle stands and saddle holders offer you a safe, practical and simple way of storing and caring for your equestrian saddle. You can choose and buy metal saddle holders for your saddle whether it is a western saddle, an all-purpose saddle, a dressage saddle or just about any type of horse saddle. You can freely browse our online catalog on our e-shop and pick what’s best for you or come visit us. We are located in Athens, Greece.

Horse saddle racks help you store and protect your gear efficiently. Saddle holders make it easy for you to organize your space and your horse tack in your stable. At Mompso we can provide you with the horse saddle rack of your preference at a price you will love.

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