Treeless saddles are a unique type of saddle that provides a maximum connection to the horse’s back and thus offers great stability and comfort.

Treeless Saddles

At Mompso we have a wide range of treeless saddles as well as other types of horse riding saddles for every horse riding discipline such as show-jumping saddles, dressage saddles, and pleasure riding saddles, close-contact saddles, synthetic race saddles, western saddles and many more that you can discover online on our e-shop.

A treeless saddle can give the rider an amazing riding experience since the rider can feel the muscular movement of the horse and thus synchronize his rhythm easily and significantly improve his balance. Treeless saddles also have simple and easy fit with any type of horse. It doesn’t matter if it has a curvy back or not. Another advantage of the treeless saddle is its very low weight which makes it easier to handle and puts less weight on the horse’s back. Check them all out on our e-shop and buy what’s best for you or come pay us a visit. Our store is located in Athens, Greece.

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