Mompso presents the new specialized product line for your pets. In the physical store of Mompso, in our E-shop as well, you can discover a wide variety of products for the care and the grooming of your dog.

There are times when your favorite pet will need to be washed and bathed in shampoo. This can result from days of intense activity, where the hair may have mud and dirt. In other cases, it may be necessary to use an antiseptic spray with the shampoo and conditioner in case of injury to clean the wounds and in the event of insect rashes.

Specially formulated products for the care and for the grooming of the dog at home will effectively protect the health of your pet and will immediately highlight his fur. Whether you want to give shine to your dog’s fur, or you want to clean it from dirt or mud after a day of intense activity, or to clean wounds and rashes, you can do it with specially made fur products that you will find online, but also in the physical store of Mompso located in the center of Athens.

Browse on the Mompso e-shop or visit our physical store, where our specialized staff will help you choose the best products for the care and for grooming of your dog.

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