Women's Riding Boots

A very large collection of women’s riding boots is waiting for you to discover it at Mompso.

Women’s Riding Boots

Horse riding boots are an essential part of the rider’s equipment, whether it is for daily practice, outdoor walks, or horse riding competitions. They help the rider maintain the correct position as they keep the leg pressed against the saddle flaps and provide sufficient protection to the rider’s leg. It is important that they are properly cleaned and cared for after riding. After wiping them and letting them dry naturally, the leather should be treated regularly with a special cream or leather oil. On the Mompso online store you can discover women’s leather horse riding boots in all sizes and in many different designs to choose from and complement your personal style. Place your order on our e-shop or visit us at the center of Athens, Greece, where we will help you choose the best equipment for you and your horse at the best market prices.

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