MOMPSO is grateful to you for your purchase and the trust you place into our products and services. Consequently, every time you purchase products at MOMPSO.COM, we reward you with points that you can redeem in each of your next purchases.

To make use of this new service, all you need to do is sign up as a new member at the MOMPSO.COM online store and you automatically receive 100 points that you can redeem after you complete your purchase.

To register, follow the simple steps below.

› Open the MOMPSO.COM page

› On the Home screen and at the top right of the screen, select MY ACCOUNT

› Then select REGISTER

› Fill in the form details (email and password creation)

› Finally, select REGISTER

Upon completion of your registration, you automatically get 100 points that you can redeem with your first or any subsequent purchase.


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